The Isle of Scalpay lies on the East coast of the Isle of Harris linked by a bridge. The Scalpay bridge was officially opened in 1998.  Scalpay is a renowned fishing port.  It boasts some of the finest fishing grounds in the Minch.  Historically, The boats in Scalpay fished for herring, Silver Darlings.  Today, locals catch langoustines and brown crabs.  In recent years, with the decline in the fishing industry and the lack of young people to pass on heritage fishing, Finlay Ewen and Donald are very fortunate to be able to continue their family’s work.  This enables them to raise their young families on the islands they love. The healthy, clear waters around Scalpay and Harris are nutrient rich with the finest shellfish caught and landed daily.

Scalpay Al
Photo credit: Alexander Macleod