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Locally caught shellfish is highly desired in France and Spain. Scalpay shellfish is a rare and sought-after treat for locals and tourists. We aim to offer you the opportunity to source the island’s shellfish on your doorstep. Scalpay fishermen pride themselves on their reputation for their in-depth knowledge of the best fishing grounds in the area and their rare, quality products.

Photo Credit: Alexander Macleod

Scalpay Shellfish is run by brothers Finlay Ewen and Donald Macleod. Finlay and Donald have been fishing the flavourful Scalpay waters since they were teenagers.  Taught first-hand by their own father, fishing is in their blood. There is nothing else they would rather be doing.  The brothers fish for golden langoustines, inky blue lobsters and  brown crabs on a daily basis.  The brothers’  two boats -‘Watchful IV’ and the ‘Maranatha Ω’- were designed for creels and traditional multipurpose fishing.

A shellfish dinner is a real treat for the senses.  Once cooked, the lush golden langoustines, ruby pink lobsters and delicious brown crab are flavourful and appetising. The aroma of the fresh sea water filling your kitchen will give you a heightened sense of the freshness of the catch and the taste will leave you wanting more.

Currently, we supply our succulent catch to the North Harbour Bistro in Scalpay, an award-winning restaurant, specialising in fresh, creative shellfish dishes.  In 2017, North Harbour Bistro won the Gold Medal for Fish at the Scottish Food Awards.

scalpay salad
Photo Credit: North Harbour Bistro